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C.N Blue Jung YongHwa Diagnosed With Vocal Cord Nodules

Group C.N Blue Jung YongHwa (21) is said to have developed vocal cord nodules, and this has caused a disruption to the group’s album recording works.

According to a FNC Music rep on 28th April, Jung YongHwa has felt weird during the filming of SBS ‘Kim JungEun’s Chocolate’ on 21st April and had visited the hospital where he was diagnosed with vocal cord nodules.

The rep added, “During the rehearsal before the actual filming, he felt that his vocals were locked and he could not project his voice well. But the good thing is that the nodules are just in the early stages of development, hence there is no need for surgery.”

Jung YongHwa will need to rest for 2 weeks, and meanwhile all his schedules are canceled. Currently, C.N Blue are recording for their Japanese and Korean album.

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