Sunday, May 2

Yu Kashii Defends High School Classmate Erika Sawajiri

Actress Yu Kashii, 23, defended her high school classmate Erika Sawajiri this week at the annual Hori Pro Talent Scout Caravan recruiting event for management agency Hori Pro. Sawajiri’s announcement that she is seeking a divorce has set the entertainment world abuzz.
Kashii appeared to be troubled by the divorce reports and defended Sawajiri, saying, “She’s doing what she loves and what she believes in. That’s just really how Erika is.” Busy with work, the two have not gotten the chance to meet much, but Kashii says she would like to get together with Sawajiri and give her support.

When asked about the secret to happiness with her own husband, actor Jo Odagiri, 34, Kashii laughed and said it was a secret.

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