Saturday, May 1

DIR EN GREY Performing In London This August!

Concerning DIR EN GREY's live scheduled, new information have arrived, as their performance at the SONISPHERE 2010 in Knepworth open air festival had been announced earlier. It has now been announced that on August 3rd they will also be holding as how at the KOKO live club.

Moreover, for the road show in Japan of the movie "Survival of the Dead", which will be starting on June 6th, their UROBOROS song "VINUSHIKA" will be used. Isn't this something to look forward to? Since the band members of DIR EN GREY are avid fans of director Romero's "Of the Dead" series, they agreed on the tie-up for the movie.
"John A. Romero's movies are always something to enjoy, especially the "of the dead" series is great. Rather than the scariness of the zombies, we are interested in the scariness of the humans. Until now, we haven't had the chance to watch "The Survival of the Dead", but we are looking forward to seeing it at the theater." -- DIR EN GREY
Please look forward to find out, in what way DIR EN GREY's perspective matches this movie!

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