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Japan's "White Queen" is Fukuda Kyoko!

Actress Fukuda Kyoko is currently starring as a voice actress in the Japanese version of Disney's new movie "Alice In Wonderland" as the "White Queen". The version has been released on April 28th and Fukuda had been appearing at an event for that occasion, dressed all on white, cosplaying the "White Queen".
Eventually she was able to (publicly) attend an event for the movie. For the event, even without an official announcement, the quiz, which had been held, received 11,259 applications, of which 90 percent had been correct. "My voice isn't anything special, I think. Here I am really happy about that so many people got the right answer", Fukuda commented happily.

Even though she had until been also participated in voice acting in the Nippon TV Anime version of "Yatterman", it was the first time for her challenging a whole movie as a voice actress. A little concerned she stated on matching her voice with the lip movements of Anne Hathaway: "It is completely different to play a role and working with the voice only."
Moreover, she revealed her thoughts on the outfit of herself as the White Queen "It was really difficult to put up this outfit, because if you make a false move on one thing, you will end up looking like a ghost."

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