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KARA made it to Top 7 on Japanese Oricon Daily!

KARA’s first foray into the Japanese market has been met with much success as their special album, the Special Premium Box, entered the Oricon daily chart at no.7. This is an impressive achievement for a new foreign group, let alone a female one.
The quintet recently signed on to Universal Music Japan and this special album has been strategically repackaged for the Japanese market.

The Special Premium Box contains all of KARA’s previous Korean albums excluding Lupin. This special album lineup therefore includes: 1st album (Break it),1st mini album (Rock U), 2nd mini album (Pretty Girl), Special edition (Honey) 2nd full album (Wanna) along with the Japanese versions of Pretty Girl, Honey, and Wanna.
According to KARA’s spokesperson, “There is a possibility that KARA may be recording some new Japanese material at Universal Music Japan in the future, along with promotional plans and schedules. As of now, Universal has given the green light for KARA’s songs to be played in Japan.”
KARA is currently in Los Angeles, United States for the 8th Hollywood Bowl Korean Music Festival 2010. They’ll be ajourning to Japan on the 7th of May for a meeting with the official Japanese fanclub at the Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall. After which, KARA will attend the fanmeet on the May 8th, held at the Grand Prince Hotel to greet and shake hands with some very lucky 8000 plus Japanese fans.
I suppose this means that KARA will be returning to their cute and aegyo (now “kawaii”) concept for the Japanese market rather than continuing with the slick mature looks that they have shown during the Lupin promotions.
Which concept do you find more appealing? The cute Honey/Pretty Girl/Wanna look or the sexy Lupin concept?

Source: OsenNews
Translation: CTM @

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