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Nicole and Jiyoung’s version of KARA’s We’re With You teaser

Earlier this month, girl group Kara released their first teaser for the upcoming music video of their 2010 World Cup song, We’re With You. After releasing the 3 other individual teasers, Nicole and Jiyoung’s version have been released.

Nicole’s teaser is pretty much the same deal as the other individual teasers that were released. Nicole is on set and filming for the video but unlike the others she displays a more cheery mood as she plays and goofs around on set.

Jiyoung, on the other hand, shows off her cute charm in her version of the teaser. Perhaps it’s because she’s the maknae of the group, but Jiyoung’s aegyo is abundantly overflowing!
With fellow members Gyuri, Goo Hara and Seungyeon having released their own teasers, Nicole and Jiyoung are the last two to join in.

Check them out below!

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