Saturday, May 1

SS501 releases teaser photos!

SS501’s company DSP Entertainment announced that the boys would be making the first step of their comeback on May 1st. Well, unlike other singers, they kept their promise and didn’t postpone the date. Luckily for fans, they released individual teaser photos just in time.
Seeing as these are album jacket photos for their upcoming album, it definitely reveals a lot about their new concept. Supposedly, this concept is the “Hannibal Lector concept.” Those face masks are quite something, aren’t they?
Moments before the photos’ release, SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong even wrote on their official website, “There’s not much time left~”
The photos are a bit scary and you can barely distinguish who’s who, but at the same time, they are sexy in a mysterious way. The website’s server is already down which shows that their new album is already receiving a hot response from the public.

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