Saturday, May 22

MC Heechul saved the day?

Kim Heechul saved the day? Thanks to his witty comments, the audience of Dream Concert 2010 was kept entertained while our performers get ready for the stage.

Overall, the Dream Concert held in Seoul Sang-Ahm World Cup arena was a great success, well, of cause Heechul have much to play in this as well. Whenever the concert seems to slow down, Heechul would be there to stir up some funny comments to keep the audience entertained.

As the singers took a longer time to prepare for their performances this time round, Heechul has to entertain our audiences with songs and dances. Being a DJ host on Young Street, his hidden talents have kept much of the audience captivated and it's hard to tell it was his third year hosting the show.

Taecyeon: Se Kyung is mine!

Doojoon, Kikwang: Hmph!
Hyoyeon: Wooyoung…
Wooyoung: I love Taecyeon
Se Kyung: (shy)

Well that's not all. Heechul also helped out the other two MC, Taecyeon and Shin Se Kyung. Being his first time hosting, certain parts that Taecyeon performed that night seems a little awkward. Heechul was always there to help Taecyeon by going along with his performances.

Shin se Kyung seems a little tense and failed to put down the cue cards timely. Heechul would then compliment her and made her sing songs to loosen her up!

Heechul has indeed displayed his talents as a host of the night!

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