Saturday, May 22

Dream Concert was full of rivals?

In the action packed event that took place on the 22nd, the biggest singers of Korea got together to perform their best. During the Dream Concert, many groups and singers were compared to others because it looked like a lot of rivals were back together. Let’s look at these so called “rivals.”

Lee Hyori vs. Rain: The charismatic soloists

These two definitely stood out amongst the young idol groups. These guys are the original Kpop artists! Lee Hyori got on a motorcycle and Rain showed off his abs. All the fans sang along as these two sang more than one of their hits.

Super Junior vs. MBLAQ: The abs

Though 2PM is the group known for showing off their abs, this time around, Super Junior and MBLAQ competed to take the spot for being beastly. Leeteuk performed in just a jacket and no shirt while Lee Joon stripped down to show off his six pack in his performance for Y. In any case, it was just pure eye candy for fans.

Wonder Girls vs. SNSD: The original rivals

Wonder Girls and SNSD were considered to be rivals for as long as any fans can remember. They’ve both come so far since 2007, when they both debuted. SNSD is sporting black for Run Devil Run and the Wonder Girls are going retro for 2 Different Tears. It’s funny how they shared the same dance moves (see pic).

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