Sunday, May 23

Yoona and SNSD charm the soldiers and preview of Wonder Girls on Family Outing 2

In a continuation from last week’s episode, SNSD did finally appear as promised for a performance and there was also the teasing of the Wonder Girls for next Sunday. Watch the full Episode here!

The theme for this episode was to put up a performance for the servicemen in Dochon-do who hadn’t witnessed any celebratory performances since the Korean War. And from where we left off last week, Yoona had stepped on stage for her solo Deja Vu chair dance routine when she stopped, apparently due to nervousness. But she eventually got back on stage and spurred on by soliders and a worried looking Taecyeon backstage, she completed her performance.

The highlight of the night was SNSD though who showed up for the final performance after a call from Yoona earlier that day. Taeyeon couldn’t be there due to Chin Chin (before she left). The soldiers were already wild for Yoona so you could expect their unbridled joy when SNSD suddenly appeared!

That was not all, the preview for next week looked really enticing as the Wonder Girls were guests, having just recorded the episode on May 17th. I wouldn’t want to say too much except that Heechul was partnered with Sohee for a game against Taecyeon and Yoona, while Jo Kwon reunited with Sunye after a long while.

Looks like an episode not to be missed!

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