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SNSD and Kim Jae Dong are wanted by college students

It looks like girl group SNSD / Girls’ Generation and MC Kim Jae Dong are the most wanted celebrities at colleges.

Korean Internet Resume and Job Seeking site Incruit recently took a survey of 410 college students with the question, “Which celebrity you’d like to meet at your college festival?” In the MC category, Kim Jae Dong took first place. In the artists category, SNSD came out on top.

For the MC category, Kim Jae Dong garnered 36.1% of the votes, probably because he is the one of the few MC’s in Korea that throws witty jokes at his audience. Yoo Jae Suk came in second place and Yoo Se Yoon came in third. Lee Soo Geun was fourth and Yoon Hyung Bin was fifth. Other big name MC’s such as Kim Gura, Haha, No Hong Chul and Kang Ho Dong rounded out the list.

For the artists category, SNSD garnered 17.3% of the votes. KARA was next in line and then came MC Mong. Psy took fourth place and BEAST took fifth. Other singers such as T-ara, Drunken Tiger (Tiger JK), Rain, Lee Seung Gi and Big Bang were also on the list.

I have to admit, I’m a little shocked at the results. Yoo Jae Suk is known for being the nation’s favorite and 2PM didn’t even make it on to the top 5?

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