Monday, May 10

GACKT's Staff Falling Into His Homely Waterfall

Within the early morning program "Hamaru Market" GACKT had been taking part in the talk show "Hamaru Cafe" the other day, where as he would be talking about his photo shooting, while looking at the pictures. The pictures would show him, cooking his very personal menu at home, how he'd train and many other things.

Certainly some thing you'd usually would not get to see.

Something that grabbed the attention of the viewers was the home made menu. "It is written very thoroughly, but eventually you can't read it.", it was said, while the handwriting was pretty messy. (laughs) Also, within the menu, the names were written a bit half heartedly and stopped abruptly. And when the chef was asked, how this was to continue, he just said angrily: "Please think for yourself!"

Moreover, the photos of GACKT's house have been shown. His round bed in his bed room was certainly one of the things. "I have very bad sleeping habits. In a rectangular bed, I would totally sleep facing the wrong direction and that is kind of bad, isn't it? But with a round bed it really doesn't matter, does it? (laughs) However, lately I am more often taking naps on the sofa and don't use my bed really." Pillows had been set up all around the bed, and it did seem like GACKT can sleep in different directions.

On top of that, there is also a waterfall in GACKT's bedroom and he was asked whether is has happened that he has fallen into it while being all sleepy. "That hasn't happened to me until now; however, once some one of my crew fell into it. (laughs)" GACKT exposed the great failure and the studio was filled with laughter.
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