Thursday, June 24

[100625] KBS Music Bank (뮤 직뱅크) : Half-Year Special

**Special Stage!!**

2010 First Half Closing.

Exception of Sexy&Strong After School with Yeom Guang Girls Meditech Marching Band Blockbuster Level Special Concert. You can tune in @ link (DATE: 25/06/2010 TIME: 17 50KST)

**Special Stage!!**

Music Bank's Well Prepared!

Special stages only able to be seen on Music Bank!

"So Nyuh Shi Dae!Super Junior! KARA! 2AM! CN BLUE!"

What will be the special stage of the artists that made the year 2010 shine?

If you are curious, Stay on the channel!!

**Special Stage!!**

Male Idol Special - Rain <♬ A song that will hold you>

Thump Thump (Heartbeat)!! Heartbeat speed 100% rise!!

Super Junior, 2PM, 2AM's fantastic chocolate abs shown!!

The perfect stage that they will show that has to be sold out!!

**Special Stage!!**

Female Idol Special Parody - Lee Hyo Ri <♬Chitty Chitty Bang Bang>

South Korea's Trend Icon! Wannabe Star! Lee Hyo Ri's Perfect Parody!!

Kara, T-Ara, F(X), 4Minute Korea's best girl group will be performing a performance that you will never be able to get out of once you watch it due to their seductive performance!!

**Special Stage!!**

June 25th, 60th anniversary special performance - Lyn & Gummy & Hwo Yo Bi <♬ 21 Guns>

Division of soreness!

A historical tragedy that should never get back up and never forget.

Celebrating June 25th, 60th anniversary, The singers that are accepted through their singing, The Divas Lyn & Gummy & Hwa Yo Bi's odd message performance that has lots of meaning to it!

**Special Stage!!**


A SNSD dance performance that has never been seen before.

**Today's Music Bank!!** : June 25

- 4minute

- 시크릿(SECRET)

- 린 <자기야 여보야 사랑아>

- CN BLUE <외톨이야+LOVE>

- 2AM <죽어도 못 보내>

- 화요비

- 애프터스쿨 <뱅(BANG!)>

- 거미

- 서인영 <사랑이라 쓰고 아픔이라 부른다>

- 아이유&임슬옹(2AM) <잔소리>

- 티아라 <너 때문에 미쳐>

- 슈퍼주니어 <미인아>

- 카라 <루팡(Lupin)>

- f(x)

- 2PM

- 소녀시대


Translations Credits: Admin HankiiE @ SNSD -Girls Generation-

Given: Admin wilsone @ SNSD -Girls Generation-

Source: KBS

Taken from: SNSD -Girls Generation-

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