Monday, June 21

Family Outing 2 gets preempted without notice

In case you were expecting news and videos about Family Outing 2 today, well there won’t be any.

It was only known after the expected broadcast time that a new episode of Family Outing 2 won’t be shown today.

In its place, the other program under SBS Good Sunday, Waving the Korean Flag filled the entire 2 hours and 10 mins of broadcast time instead.

There was no indication whatsoever from SBS that Family Outing 2 would not air this week and viewers had been expecting to see the concluding part to last week’s Friends Special which included guests like Ga-In, Nicole and Shin Hyun Joon.

While some netizens expressed regret, others were unhappy that no notice was given beforehand and at seeing another program fall foul (getting preempted) of the 2010 World Cup for which SBS has exclusive rights to it in Korea.

Credit: allkpop

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