Monday, June 21

Jung Yonghwa - SeoHyun 'YongSeo Couple' "Honey" love relation - annoys Yuri

Sister-In-Law Yuri angry at 'YongSeo Couple' JYH and SeoHyun's non-stop love relation.

Jung Yong Hwa and SeoHyun replaced MC Tiffany (Taking a rest due of her neck difficulties) on live MBC Music Core that was aired on the 19 of June and became a special MC with Yuri.

Before introducing Jerry's 'I love you' the two already made love hearts with their hands which stimulated Yuri. Lyn's 'Honey Honey My Love' followed and they called out "Honey~" to each other which made Yuri say "What are these guys doing?"

When Lyn was singing passionately, the camera took a close up of the two. The two continued to show a love relation with half fun half shy moment.

[NewsN Entertainment]

Source: Newsen
Translation: Admin HankiiE

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