Tuesday, June 8

Female idols auction off hand prints for a good cause

I’m sure all of you have been dying to meet your favorite idols, maybe even hoping to touch their hands. Well, now you can make that dream into a reality. Well, kind of.

Recently, Sports Seoul and Gmarket have come together to auction off stars’ hand prints for charity.

Besides the fact that these hand prints are those of female idols (sorry fan girls, there are no male idol hand prints), these hand prints are no ordinary hand prints. As some of you may expect them to simply be inked hand prints on paper, on the contrary, they are cast in metal, making them less vulnerable to wear and tear–in other words, you can have your idols’ hand by your side for all eternity.

Although the auction began at 10AM on the 7th, it appears as if SNSD’s Yoona’s hand print is receiving the highest bid and most attention since it started. Following (in terms of highest bid) are KARA’s Goo Hara, Han Seung Yeon, and Nicole, solo artist IU, and Brown Eyed Girls‘ Ga-In. The auction will close on the 18th at 6PM and all proceeds will go towards the Children’s Foundation in Korea.

To check out and bid on these awesome souvenirs, visit here.
Credits: Allkpop

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