Friday, June 4

Girls' Generation Yuri, Netizens saying "Bring Back the Time" on Her Innocent Looking CF

Girls' Generation's member Yuri is bringing an attention from netizens because of her past CF appearance.

TVDaily= Lee Kyungho Reporter] Recently, Yuri's past appearance was revealed through an internet site's board. The CF that was revealed was filmed with Jang Donggun, and Yuri appears wearing a uniform and with an innocent and fresh looks.

Chocopie - Yuri (SNSD)

This appearance of her was already known to some netizens. The reason why this is being a controversy is because Yuri has recently shown her easy-going and hyper appearances through KBS 2TV 'Invincible Youth'.

Netizens were looking for Yuri who lost her innocence(?) saying, "Return back the innocent and fresh Yuri" "Why did you send Yuri to a countryside" "She was alright back then, return back the time"

[TVDaily=Lee Kyungho Reporter]

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