Friday, June 4

Soshi-stream Music Bank downtime 100604

Soshi-stream apologizes for the downtime yesterday during Music Bank. This is due to a series of hack attempts on our servers. Music Core will resume broadcasting today @ 1600kst. Thank you for your understanding.

♬ Comeback stages
 SS501『Let me be the one + Love ya』
SGWannabe’s Lee Seok Hoon / 이석훈『Station / 정거장』

♬ Hot Debut
Sistar『Intro + Push Push』

♬ Good-bye stage

After School『BANG!』

♬ pre-SUMMER special stage

f(x)『NU 예삐오(NU ABO)』
Norazo『Save Me / 구해줘』

♬ Hot stage
Super Junior『Bonamana / 미인아』

♬ Volume UP stage
Davichi『Time Please Stop / 시간아 멈춰라』
Tae JinAh ft. Maya『Like Love More Than Money / 사랑은 돈보다 좋다』
8eight『The End Is Coming / 이별이 온다

♬ New Song
ALi w. Hong SooAh『Hey Mr.』
Spire『No more stress』

Show starts around 16:00 KST. Stay tune!

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