Thursday, June 3

SNSD's Yoona is Nervous for her First Vote

SNSD's Yoona attended the 5th nation-wide regional elections.

On June 2nd at 1pm, she went to the Daerim Culture Library in Youngeungpo Daerim in Seoul. She gained a lot of interest because she came to vote as a regular citizen despite her personal schedule.

As Yoona was born in 1990, this was her first ever vote, and her expression showed her nervousness and expectancy. Yoona said, "It's so strange and I'm so nervous to be taking part in choosing the people who will work for the country. It really feels like I'm an adult now."

Unlike how she usually appears on TV, she wore nice and simple outfit. Yoona wore a clean navy jacket with skinny jeans and flats, showing a comfortable and clean look. It went well with her innocent face.

Throughout the entire voting process, Yoona never failed to smile. While she was waiting in a long line, she looked nervous, but her anticipation seemed to be greater. As she came out of the polling booth and cast her ballot in the ballot box, she had a very big smile on her face.

After casting her vote in about 10 minutes, Yoona shared her thoughts on her first-ever vote. She said, "It was difficult choosing 8 people to vote for. I'm already curious to see who will be chosen."

She also said, "Since SNSD sang the Vote Song, I'm hoping that many people will come out to vote. Please come out to the polling stations to vote, rather than thinking, 'I'm just one person'"

Other than Yoona, Yuri, Sooyoung, Sunny, and Hyoyeon have also casted their first-ever votes. Taeyeon was born in 1989, and has already attended the last National Assembly elections.


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