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SNSD's Sunny is "more nervous than before a performance" for her First Vote

SNSD's Sunny casted her a vote for the first time in her life on the 5th nation-wide regional elections day.

[ Seo Bohyun] On June 2nd, 3am, in Jongro Shingyo in Seoul, Sunny appeared at the polling station at Seoul Agricultural School. She was born in May 1989, so she turned 21 last month, but on this voting day, it was her first time casting a ballot.

Sunny appeared to be very expectant as she went to the polling station. She said, "I guess it's because it's my first time, but I'm so nervous," and also said, "It's already very meaningful to me because SNSD sang the promotional song for the elections this year, but I think this will be a very special day."

After saying this, Sunny calmly went to go vote. After hearing the instructions from the staff at the polling station, she took her turn to fill in a ballot. Even up until she put her ballot paper in the box, she looked very cautious.

This day, Sunny had a very fresh image. She wore a blue blouse and matched a pair of white jeans. Her look went perfectly with the bright weather. Dressed and styled from head to toe, her image stood out from others. Everybody was able to see a bit of her pleasantly simple fashion style.

Her bright smile was still the same. From when she was heading to the polling station, until she was finished, she did not fail to show her bright expression. In between, when fans would recognize her, she did not forget to lightly greet them with a handshake and bow.

On another note, Sunny, as a part of SNSD, finished promotions for their Repackaged album and also ended her appearances in variety shows to have a time to recharge. Now, SNSD is planning to promote overseas in Asia in the future.

Original Source: soshified

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