Tuesday, June 22

Never-before-seen polaroids of SNSD revealed

Never-before-seen polaroids taken by the girls of SNSD have been recently uncovered.

These photos appear to have been from their Ceci Magazine photoshoot from July of last year. Most of these photos feature SNSD member Sooyoung and so it is assumed that these photos may have been taken by using her camera.

Fans have commented, “Sooyoung is so pretty, yet so thin…” “Seohyun’s so pretty~~”"Tiffany is cute and lovely and also sexy. Why… she has a unique charm. So pretty” “I want those pictures.”

However, Sunny and Hyoyeon fans were sad to see that their favorite members were not seen in these photos. BONUS! I’ve also included a few BTS photos from the shoot. Anyways, here are the photos! Enjoy!

Credits: Allkpop
Picture Credits: SNSD -Girls Generation-

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