Tuesday, June 15

SNSD rakes in the money from star cards

Remember when SBS Contents Hub first announced the sale of popular girl group SNSD’s very own Star Collection Cards?

Well, apparently the cards are selling as fast as hot pancakes according to SBS Contents Hub because they have released 500,000 packs since its first sale last week. Star Cards are cards with special prints of stars in their various poses that have been previously unexposed to the public.

Therefore, the cards are considered valuable and since last December when SNSD and DBSK cards were first made available to the public, a surprising 1,300,000 packs were sold and more are going off the racks as we speak.

In order to keep up with this popularity, on the 7th SBS Contents Hub released a season 2 of these SNSD cards just in time for the World Cup. Furthermore, to increase the cheering spirit in hopes for Korea to pass 16th place in the World Cup finals, each of these packs contain a “red soshi” cheering card.

credits: allkpop

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