Tuesday, June 15

South Korea may weaponize girly K-pop for psychological warfare

Relations between North and South Korea have been frosty since the sinking of the ROK Cheonan, and it looks like South Korea may be turning to an old trick for reprisal...blasting the music of girl groups over the demilitarized zone.

 The Republic of Korea has installed large loudspeakers facing North Koreans, who have threatened to destroy and also transform Seoul into "a sea of flame" should the speakers remain standing. These strong words haven't deterred South Korea — in fact, they appear to be expanding their efforts to include music videos. In an interview with the South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo, a psy ops official for the ROK's Joint Chiefs of Staff had this to say about the loudspeaker propaganda initiative:

"It will take months to set up the big screens to use in psychological warfare operations and a wide range of contents will be shown [...] I don't know whether songs by girl groups will be included, but there is that chance since pop songs were used in the past."

The official was unsure of the efficacy of K-pop, but judging from recent popular songs, it looks like this plan will leave Kim Jong-il's boys somewhat titillated and extremely confused.

Credits: dkpopnews

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