Tuesday, June 1

Updates on Taeyeon's short stay in Singapore

News of Taeyeon's presence in Singapore has stirred up much attention from the local fans community. However, she left Singapore abruptly in the afternoon. What went wrong?

Members of SNSD have been taking a short break before the start of their Japan Promotions. Jessica and Tiffany are currently in Los Angeles for their holiday (more JesTif moments?).

The leader of the gang, Taeyeon traveled to Singapore for a short vacation with her family members. Since her arrival in Singapore, she has been spotted at various tourist hotspots, such as the newly established Universal Studio, Vivocity mall and the Singapore Flyers.

 Taengoo posing with some fans at the Universal Studio

Rumors of her sudden visit to Singapore circulated quickly on the internet, arousing the interest of many local fans who would like to see her. Her short stay in Singapore has also become a trending topic for many in their twitter communities. Taeyeon's last stop was at the Singapore flyers, where she left in a hurry.

Taeyeon @ the Singapore Flyers

Note from Author: To protect Taeyeon's privacy, we have decided to stop reporting news about her visit in Singapore and her whereabouts.

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