Friday, July 2

KDC Will Make SNSD's Concert into 3D!!

KTC Corp was nominated on the 2nd of July as the Korea Culture and Content Agency Global Project Supervisor which involves 3 years of 2,400,000,000 Won which incorporates SBS, SM Entertainment, Real Scope and Consortium.

SUJU and SNSD are the first singers in the K-Pop history to be a part of a Global Project where they are trying to get the K-Pop wave into the world and make their concert as movies and also make it 3D. The 3D concert movie will start filming in August and planned to be revealed at the end of the year.

KDC Corp will be responsible for the 3D skills and the making along with Real Scope.

KDC Corp said "It will not be giving simple solid videos, It will beforehand control simulation and mux and other variety of skills will be used to make the concert's reality show."

Goo JungWoong (KDC Corp's Head Strategy Planner) said "The video that is made will not just be shown on movie theatres, it will also be shown on BlueRay Discs." The concert wont be much different but the fact that the Cameras that will be used will be changed so that it reduces the amount invested for this process.

Cr: Media Daum
Translation: Admin HankiiE
Taken from: SNSD -Girls Generation-

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