Friday, July 2

MBC Music Core Lineup for 100703

Music Core special lineup tomorrow @ 1600 kst!

LINEUP LIST for 100703

♬ Comeback stage

Taeyang『Solar(Intro) + I need a girl(feat.GD) + Just a feeling』

Jang YoonJung / 장윤정『Olleh / 올래』

Baby VOX’s Kan MiYeon(feat.MBLAQ Mir)『Crazy / 미쳐가』

♬ SUMMER Special stage

Orange Caramel『Magic Girl / 마법 소녀』

Norazo『Curry / 카레』

♬ HOT debut

miss A『Bad Girl Good Girl』

♬ New Song

Super Junior『No Person Like You / 너 같은 사람 또 없어』

4minute『I My Me Mine』

Bobby Kim(with Common Ground)『Like A Man / 남자답게』

LPG『Doorbell of Love / 사랑의 초인종』


♬ Volume up stage



Sistar『Push Push』

Infinite『Come Back Again / 다시 돌아와』

♬ sound-HOLIC

Flower『I Remember… I Love You… / 기억해…사랑해…』

Vanilla Lucy『French Love』

2wins『Star / 별놈』

Show starts at 1600kst! Tune in @ soshiworld2

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