Friday, August 27

Music Core Performance List 100828

Special MC’s 2AM’s JinWoon + T-ara’s JiYeon & HyoMin

♬ Comeback stage
FT Island『Love Love Love / 사랑 사랑 사랑』

♬ Hot stage
BoA『Hurricane Venus』
SE7EN『Digital Bounce』
Taeyang『I’ll be there』

♬ Girls’ Generation
Sistar『Shady Girl / 가식걸』
G.NA『Supa Solo』

♬ sound-holic
Eru『White Tears / 하얀 눈물』
Double K ft. Lyn『Playa Love』
♬ 여름 안에서~ Let’s party!
Jang YoonJung『Olleh(remix ver.)』
Infinite『She’s Back』
Supernova / 초신성『On Days That I Missed You / 그리운 날에』

♬ New Song
ZiA『Laughter / 웃음만..』
JQT『No Need to Know / 알 거 없잖아』
F1RST『You Like Me I Like You / 너 나 좋아해 나 너 좋아해』

Show starts around 16:00 KST

cr: Kpopflash

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