Thursday, August 26

Notice: Soshiworld2 Streaming Activities Updates

Annyeong Haseyo! SW2 Streamers,

Our streaming site have been inactive for the past 2 weeks and we will like to apologize for any inconvienance caused!

Below is a short message from Stervie, our main streamer:

I would like to apologize for all that downtime our stream site has been facing for the past few weeks. I have been busy with my hall-camp lately and was unable to stream! I will also be starting my new school semester very soon and will find it hard to stream for soshiworld 2!  It's not goodbye though, Lohjj and Danielimida will still be supporting the stream site whenever possible! So please give them the support!

This site was originally started off with a passion to deliver kpop and Jpop content (music shows, variety programmes and latest Music Video) for the masses. It has indeed come a long way to be what it is now. (All thanks to all the wonderful streamers out there supporting our site!)

Kim joo: (Kamsamhamida!)Thank you so much for viewing our soshi-stream and supporting us through these few months. It has been our pleasure streaming for everyone! 

Signing off,
Stervie and Kim Joo

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